Ranges Energy

Worried about rising energy costs?

Do you own your own office or commercial building?

… we may be able to help

Does your business/organisation want to?

  • Reduce its power bill
  • Make long term energy savings

We can help you do that if you

  • Have a large, sunny roof
  • Pay at least 25 cents per kilowatt hour for power
  • Use most of your power during the day

Step 1: We will install a 15KW or larger solar farm on your roof

Step 2: You pay us for the solar power that you use

Step 3: You sell any surplus power into the grid

This deal is a win, win. You save, you get clean energy and positive publicity for being a business pioneer in renewable energy.


Who are we? We are Ranges Energy Co-operative Limited a Victorian community owned solar farm co-operative set up to promote the innovative use of renewable energy. Ranges Energy is a Victorian Co-operative specializing in the installation of solar power with no upfront cost to our clients. We can help you fix a portion of your power costs, now and into the future based on a solar array that is designed to meet your needs.

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